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2006). Tolerability and Safety Evidence from a combination of five phase I/IIa double-blind, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose studies with maraviroc alone, and one drugCdrug interaction study with oral contraceptives, in a total of 195 individuals including 66 HIV-infected patients have demonstrated that maraviroc is well tolerated at doses up to 300 mg twice daily (McHale et al. evidence supports the continued development of maraviroc as a potentially useful, alternative treatment for the management of HIV contamination. Maraviroc monotherapy has a high potency and long half-life, allowing single-pill dosing. Therefore, it is expected that maraviroc will have a beneficial effect on patient adherence and viral load in combination with other antiretroviral brokers. Maraviroc is only effective against CCR5-tropic computer virus, which predominates throughout contamination but is usually more common in patients at the early asymptomatic stage of contamination. 2003;100:10598C10602. Copyright 2003 National Academy of Sciences, USA) Env consists of a glycoprotein (gp) 120…

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