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We thank Hermann Steller for thoughtful conversation around the manuscript and Gal Sevi Karniel for excellent graphical work. an E3-ligase for Bcl-2 and ARTS is essential for this process. Collectively, these results suggest a distinct model for the regulation of Bcl-2 by ARTS-mediated degradation. ubiquitylation of Bcl-2 occurs upon induction of apoptosis. Both MEFs and HeLa cells pretreated with MG132 showed accumulation of poly-ubiquitylated Bcl-2 upon induction of apoptosis (Physique 1D). The appearance of poly-ubiquitylated Bcl-2 was correlated with decreased Bcl-2 levels in apoptotic cells (Physique 1D). This suggests that Bcl-2 is usually down-regulated through UPS-mediated degradation during apoptosis. Open in a separate window Physique 1 Bcl-2 protein levels are down-regulated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system during apoptosisA. Apoptosis was induced Curculigoside in HeLa and immortalized MEFs using STS for the indicated occasions, and endogenous Bcl-2 was detected by Western blot analysis. B. Apoptosis was induced Curculigoside in HeLa, BT-549 and…

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