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The reaction was terminated by adding 50 l/well of 10% sulfuric acid. unclear because it is usually unlikely that the target antigen is usually a major histo-compatibility complex-peptide complex and we could not trace soluble MUC1 transmission peptide fragments in na?ve donors and multiple myeloma patients. Further validation of these findings may improve diagnostic and prognostic capabilities for MUC1-positive multiple myeloma patients and potentially, patients with other MUC1-positive cancers, as well. prediction of B-cell epitopes, could lead to the induction of a natural anti-SP humoral response in multiple myeloma patients. Materials and methods Na?ve donors and malignancy patients Blood samples (3 ml) were drawn from 15 na?ve healthy volunteers, 18C60 years of age and 27 patients with multiple myeloma, 50C75 years of age. The study patients included 14 with progressive disease under treatment, 7 with active disease under treatment and 6 at best response off therapy. The study was approved…

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